Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pamela Anderson Relies On An Old Trick As She Strips Off For Magic Show

Pamela Anderson

The surgically enhanced Baywatch star very clearly has no intention to give up his taste for stripping off for as little as possible at every opportunity, despite approaching the age of 42. In the gentle art of aging, Pamela Anderson is not fairing too well. He peeled off a cut-out silver body that is struggling to hold its shape, as she joined Dutch illusionist Hans Klok opening night of his magic Amsterdam on display last night..

George Bush Us Will Not Walk Away From Afghanistan

George Bush

George Bush today promised that the United States not walk away from Afghanistan despite the increasing level of violence in the country. President expressed confidence that the West would succeed in Afghanistan, because its cause was right.. Having flown from Baghdad - where an Iraqi reporter called him a dog and threw his shoes at him - under the cover of darkness, the U.S.

Blue Suede Cruise Tom Does Elvis

Tom Cruise

For all its semi-creepy smile-Ness, Tom looking pretty good lately, and who has seen risky sa not too bad a heavy dance number. Tom Cruise is not t on Scientology and all the serious stuff, you know. He showed his hand on fun Jay Leno recently, when some of the slaves in style Elvis songs and dances on the show - and it was awesome Kinda. He does a mean hip-swiveling - how long before he joins Broadway Katie?.

Frost Nixon Button And Doubt Lead In Nominations For Golden Globes


One on Saturday Hollywood gloomy set aside a sad economy and the threat of an actors strike, focusing instead on Golden Globe applications that push The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Frost / Nixon for the award season center stage with five each, with both nominated for Best dramatic image. Doubt also received five nominations..

Spears Quot Quot Circus Quot Act Is Her Selfless Attempt To Boost The Economy

Britney Spear

Just ask Britney Spear, which could soon replace Warren Buffett as one of our nation most astute business experts. The simple key to financial success and sustained growth, as every Brit knows so well, is to spend like there not tomorrow.. Contrary to the concerns of many politicians, economists and, oh, several hundreds of millions of Americans, our economy is stronger than ever.